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TEL: +86-571-23287219
E-mail: kojowlm@163.com
Address: Lingang Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone
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Quality Guarantee

KOJO works on the research, development, production and application of WPC interior decoration eco-friendly material for 10 years with continuing improvement. We undertake several research industrialization tasks of all kinds of universities, province and even nation. Our company has obtained ISO9001, ISO14000 certification, and is recognized as the leading enterprise of WPC interior material. We have done SGS tests, and our products are waterproof, fire-retardant, no formaldehyde and so on.

R & D Strength

1. Many products are certified as high-tech products

2. High-tech enterprises, the provincial famous trademarks, green building materials


3. Be Outstanding Material Supplier for Many Enterprises.

4. Be the Important Member Unit of Various Industry Associations.

5. The Frontrunner of Domestic Industry

As an executive vice president unit of integrated wall industry, KOJO was invited to attend the event in the fourth China ceiling & wall industry annual meeting and a member representative assembly of China building decoration material association and ceiling material branch. As the pioneer of WPC interior decoration material industry, KOJO has been committed to create a new era of wood to be the vanguard of material promotion. KOJO won the award of "China top ten brand of integrated wall industry" in this selection.


6. Won the International Authoritative Award

In October, 2015, KOJO won “The Annual Green Design International Contribution Award” that is sponsored by World Green Design Organization (WGDO), with Guanghua design foundation, international design union, Italy developing friendship with China association, the Xinhua news agency such as "Chinese Famous Brand" magazine.

The Annual Green Design International Contribution Award is themed on green design. The jury is made up of famous design experts from all over the world, the authorities and international celebrities of environmental protection organization. It takes a year for the selection to nominate the outstanding individuals and institutions with green design excellent contribution from 20 countries after the recommendations of 200 industry organizations, vote by expert judges and finally produce the results. Through the selection, individuals and institutions are commended for the design with environmental protection idea and function and as well as their good impact on the society. The award has been the authority in the field of international design, which is said to be the Oscar of leading the green design. It has a positive contribution to guide the enterprises, designers, and the public to focus on and practice human green development.