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TEL: +86-571-23287219
E-mail: kojowlm@163.com
Address: Lingang Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone
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Our Factory

Anhui KOJO New Material Technology CO.,LTD(Anhui longer decoration material Co., Ltd,), is the production base for KOJO in Chizhou city, Anhui province, which covers area of more than 80000 square meters, has four major production section.

 WPC raw material extrusion production center includes 60 WPC extrusion lines, 3 lines of WPC door panel extrusion, more than 900 sets WPC extrusion mold, more than 20,000 tons annual output for green WPC material.

Finishing production center has over 40 cold glue coating production lines, 6 PUR hot glue coating production lines, 2 PUR coating production lines for flat panel, equipped with strong finishing process ability, professional for creating various and high quality eco-friendly finishing.

The finished waterproof WPC door production center, set up in 2013, is committed to creating a washable and formaldehyde free door, to meet the needs of special environment. Equipped with automatic UV painting production line, with advanced and Environmental paint processing technology, we can provide high-quality WPC waterproof painting doors; and uses the most advanced PUR weatherable wrapping process to provide a wide variety of WPC laminated doors. The products have been well received and sold at domestic and abroad.

WPC wall&ceiling system manufacturing center is the important project in 2014, k keeping up with the needs of the times and providing systematic solutions for the wall&ceiling, it makes change to the traditional hand-made and cumbersome field fabrication wall production, and now we have hundreds species and over 30 kinds of decorative surfaces for wall&ceiling, it has formed continuous and stable standard modular production and supply system.